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Expert Periodontist in Howell MI

Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, stems from an infection in your gums and the bone surrounding your teeth. Some consider it humanity’s most prevalent disease. Treating it immediately and thoroughly by a periodontist in Howell MI is crucial. Addressing it early yields high success rates. Periodontal disease significantly increases risks for heart disease, lung disease, and stroke, and is linked to low birth weight babies. It’s contagious and requires swift action to minimize bone loss and complications. Delayed treatment can lead to extensive surgeries, tooth loss, and costly treatments.

Gum disease ranks among the leading causes of adult tooth loss. Sticky bacteria buildup (plaque), infrequent dentist visits, tartar accumulation, and prolonged inflammation cause it. Plaque generates toxins damaging your gums, resulting in loose teeth or tooth loss.

Early gum disease, gingivitis, is treatable with good oral hygiene and regular dental checkups. Untreated, gingivitis escalates to severe periodontitis. Periodontitis causes tissue and bone loss, escalating into major issues.

At Hometown Dental, our Periodontist detects signs during exams, measures teeth-gum space, and recommends necessary treatments. Depending on the severity, non-surgical scaling, and root planing (SRP) or periodontal prophy might be advised. SRP, a painless in-office treatment, eradicates plaque and tartar, smoothing roots to prevent bacteria buildup. At-home periodontal fluoride fights infections deeply.

Preventing periodontal disease involves regular dental checkups and diligent home care. Brush, floss, follow a balanced diet, and schedule dental visits. Hometown Dental partners with you for a robust smile.

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